Simple Solution for Fire Escape

This uPVC Tilt and Turn window was fitted to allow for a fire escape and because the window can

open in like a door it makes it very easy to clean.

This window with an Energy Band of “A” double glazed, Cream woodgrain in colour with Duplex

Georgian bars with a mid-rail to give if the traditional look.

This window was too wide for an opening out casement window so the tilt and turn was the perfect

option as tilt and turn windows can be made with much larger openings due to the type of hinge

being used.

Looking for that Wow Factor

Aluminium Reynaers Lift and slide patio doors are a great addition to a house especially if you have a

view or a nice garden. This 6 metre door recently fitted in Kinsale Co.Cork gives the customer an un-

obstructed view overlooking the bay. Both doors slide independently of eachother opening up the

sitting room to the balcony outside, ideal on a summers day or evening.

Its always a good idea to have the frames a dark grey colour on doors this size as when you are

looking out the dark frame tends to get lost in the glass , if you had a white or light colour frame you

would notice it much more every time and it wouldn’t give the same effect.

These doors can also be as high as 3m and come in corner to corner systems which mean when both

corner sliders are opened there is no corner post. Also available in Alu-Clad Timber and uPVC.

Create Extra Room

The above glass roof conservatory was recently fitted in sarsfields road for a customer that wanted a

little extra room for her washing machine and dryer and also for her dogs to be able to come in

when there was no one home.

The roof structure is made from uPVC section reinforced with steel and tinted double glazed glass

units. We cut out and fitted a dog flap in the French doors to allow the dogs to come in and out as

they pleased. The one complication with this job was the sewer pipe which was in the way of the

roof. We overcame this by fitting a small flat white uPVC panel in the roof and cutting out a circle to

allow for the pipe, then bonding and sealing the panel. The whole job was completed in just over a

day and the customer was delighted with the result.

Advantages of Fibreglass Composite Doors

The above fibreglass composite door was fitted recently in Blarney, the existing door was an old

aluminium door with a PVC panel and was very draftee and cold and as a result the hallway was

always cold which effected the rest of the house.

On completion of fitting the new door the customer immediately noticed the difference. This is

down to the new door being 70mm in thickness compared to the old door which was just 24mm and

the superior 8 point locking system on the composite door which is great for security and making the

composite door draft proof through the compression between the door and the door frame. All the

glass units in the composite door are triple glazed toughened safety which gives the combined u-

value of the composite door, frame and glass of as low as .4.