Fantastic Range of Doors with Classic

New doors offer you a chance to update your house look and increase home security at the same time. At Classic Windows, we offer a huge selection and varirty of all types of doors you need to perfectly fit your home. Explore our selection of doors.

Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and Slide door opens up a multitude of possibilities. Through a sliding door, the garden is incorporated into the interior of the house, fading the interior-, exterior border. This creates an extra feeling of space and generates more natural light within the home.

Bi-folding Doors

The Folding door offers them the opportunity to optimize the utilization of their rooms, drawing the external environment into their homes. Next to the improved space utilization, this system offers the advantage of loads of daylight coming in, as well as an aesthetical design.

French Doors

French Doors are an alternative to a patio door and a great way to fully open up a room to provide additional light and space.

Patio/Sliding Doors

Patio Doors are a versatile option and ideal for both conservatories and porches. The handle and locking system provides improved aesthetics and security through outward opposing hooks which prevent the leaf from being lifted from its frame.

PVC Doors

Our casement windows came about due to amazing research to ensure optimal heat efficiency in your home. These windows are stylish and can be tailored to any size depending on the position of your windows and the amount of space that you have available. These windows open fully and seal tightly allowing you to decide whether you want to keep the rain and cold at bay.

Composite Front Doors

We are proud to present our new composite door, the composition of the door differs from all others in its MONOCOQUE structure. This structure gives it a massive strength-to weight ratio. Apart from the monocoque design there are a lot of other innovative features to this door. For instance, we have designed and manufactured a hinge exclusively for this door, so it is visually concealed.